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Keeping your instrument in tip top condition takes work and great care, and at Strings By Bling we can take care of that for you, regardless of what type of stringed instrument you play or own. The services we offer include the following.

Full Instrument Setup 

Fret Dress or Full Re-fret 

Action Raising and Lowering 

Pickup Adjustment or Replacement 

Hardware Adjustment or Replacement 

Nut Replacement and Re-cutting 

Electrical Servicing 

Upgrading, Customisation and Modifications 

Repairing Chips, Dings and Cracks 

These are only a few of the services we offer, so if there's a job you need doing that isn't listed here, we can likely do that for you too. Drop us a line for a price quote.

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Some musical instruments are so much more than just a guitar or a mandolin. 
They're an heirloom, handed down through the generations from father to daughter to grandson and beyond.

They have stories to tell and a rich history written and forever documented in every little blemish or scratch on the instrument.

Sometimes however, these blemishes, scratches and general wear and tear can start to adversely affect the integrity of the instrument. Perhaps render it unplayable, or just make it so delicate that it's no longer safe to handle it let alone play it.

Of course, instruments are made to be played, so we can restore your instrument back to a playable standard again, extending its life so it can be handed down through further generations. Restored in a sympathetic way, so the stories written in the surface will be retained, and only damage that affects performance will be eradicated or stabilised.

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