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The Bodhralele is our take on the classic Hawaiian folk instrument, the Banjolele. But of course, as we hail from the glorious Emerald Isle we naturally wanted to give the instrument a uniquely Irish twist.
We did that by swapping out the usual Tambour style drum body for a traditional Irish Bodhran drum, giving the instrument a richer warmer tone than you'd normally hear from this kind of instrument, plus it lends itself to a very percussive playing style.

The Bodhralele can be produced in Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale lengths, and is tuned exactly the same as a regular banjolele.


The Duilleog is another of our unique instruments which draws influence from various different sources.
In this case we've merged elements from A-style mandolins and our very own Bodhraleles. We've taken a deeper than usual mandolin body, and instead of cutting soundholes, we placed a hand stretched drumskin into the soundboard. The Duilleog is kind of the big brother of the Bodhralele, and it has considerably more body to its sound, having a more woody tone if you will.

Again, the Duilleog can be supplied as Soprano, Concert or Tenor scale length, and is again tuned as per a regular ukulele.


The GCM Ukulele is the last of our Hawaiian influenced instruments, and this time it's a straight up regular four string ukulele with no quirky twists.

The GCM comes in Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale length, and is completely hand crafted from the finest of materials, high quality tonewoods and beautiful cosmetic timbers.
Examples of the GCM Ukulele have found their way all around the world. The first one ever produced is still gigging regularly in Liverpool, and we have shipped them as far and wide as Washington DC to New Zealand.

BOSCA TODOGA Cigar Box Guitar

The Bosca Todoga is our take on the classic American ghetto instrument, the cigar box guitar. We decided to keep things simple with the Bosca Totoga by using the Irish translation of "Cigar Box" for its name.

Using high quality tonewoods, you can have your Bosca Todoga configured for electric or acoustic playing, and you can even choose a fretted or fretless neck for slide playing. The choice is entirely yours.

Hit up a few slide riffs on your Bosca Todoga and you'll be instantly transported from the bogs of Ireland to the swamps of Louuisiana.

s-l1600 (5).jpg
ORLAITH Resonator

Say Hello to our beautiful Golden Princess - or Orlaith as she's known here in Ireland.
The resonator is one of the great American folk guitars, closely associated with blues and roots music and made famous by brands such as National and Dobro. This is our take on that classic.

Every Orlaith is hand crafted from high quality tonewoods and composite materials such as carbon fibre, and features a spun alloy resonator cone to give it that loud, crisp tone you associate with this kind of guitar. The Orlaith is the perfect slide blues guitar.

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